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Nathan's Proud Mommy

12 November
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50 first dates, a clockwork orange, acoustic guitar, adam sandler, aerosmith, alanis morissette, almost famous, animal rights, anna nalick, aqua teen hunger force, babies, baking, beaches, big daddy, birth, black sabbath, boston terriers, boys, brandi carlile, breed specific legislation, brittany murphy, children, christian, christina aguilera, cinderella, cooking, corinne bailey rae, cradle and all, decorating, devil wears prada, dirty dancing, dobermans, dogs, dolphins, double cross, drawing, edward scissorhands, family, fathers, female artists, fiction, finding nemo, golden girls, graphics, grease, great danes, guitar, hair, hgtv, holiday, horror movies, html, icons, infants, intelligence, interior design, jack johnson, james patterson, jason mraz, jewel, johnny depp, kate hudson, kids, kiss the girls, kt tunstall, labor, lamb of god, learning, led zeppelin, lion king, little black book, love, lyrics, man on fire, mark ruffalo, marriage, mary higgins clark, megadeth, memories, miscarriage, monkeys, motherhood, mothers, music, music & lyrics, nightmare before christmas, nursery, parenting, philosophy, photography, pictures, piercings, pink floyd, pit bulls, politics, pop goes the weasel, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, reading, reba, reno 911!, romance, rottweilers, sex and the city, shocking pink, singing, sons, steve miller band, still standing, tattoos, the big bad wolf, the doors, the giver, the lovely bones, the nanny, the ramones, the rolling stones, the wedding singer, tim burton, toddlers, tom petty, webdesign, weddings, weezer, when the wind blows, within temptation, writing